Samsun Galaxy S22 Series

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Review And Specs.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series will be the successor to the S21 flagship series. It’s rumored that it is going to get a 6.2-inch AMOLED display with 120Hz refresh rates and support for 5G network speeds. You can expect Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, which is also said to offer 5G. Additionally, we have seen rumors that it’s expected to come with at least four cameras along with an ultrawide angle sensor. As far as optics are concerned, samsung galaxy s22 is the role model, we are expecting a wide and ultrawide sensors like we see on the recent Xperia smartphones for example. Lastly, samsung galaxy s22 was confirmed to have IP69 rating and it was also spotted in prototype form a few weeks ago. On the design front, the device resembles almost like an average smartphone. We see no official information about leaked photos or videos from China but we have had plenty of leaks from different parts of the world since December 2021. Here at Geekbench 4, we were able to run the benchmarking tool a few days back and we did not find any evidence to show that this phone has anything to do with its predecessor.


Which Sould You Buy?

The rumor mill was that the camera setup would be similar to the S20 series but the main reason for changing the design is to accommodate more sensors that we know it has now so i will talk about that in detail later on. Right now, there are three primary rear cameras; a 64MP primary snapper, 12MP ultrawide snapper and a 10MP telephoto snapper. The main camera has two sensors, one per f/1.8 aperture and another per f/2.7 aperture. If you look at the picture below, you can see how those sensors work by comparing their size and resolution:


Left Image – 100% crop with 200% view


Right Image – 1x zoom, same size



Another big change is that after years of rumours, we finally got confirmation that the screen size will be 6.2 inches, while the previous model was 7.6 inches. The former has a resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels while the latter is 1080 x 3780 pixels on Super AMOLED displays. For comparison, both these displays have a pixel density of 1920 x 1200 and 2340 pixels per inch respectively. Furthermore, both these screens offer a maximum brightness of 1000 nits and will offer a 120Hz refresh rate which will allow gamers with intensive gameplay to run at 120 Hz or 60 Hz at least. All these points make sense as it means users will be able to play games in slow motion and even better if they switch between high speed gameplay and low speed gameplay in the background. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at what we expect out of the new phones.


Display Of S22

The first thing we noticed when looking at the images is that the display is basically flat, similar to what you see on Sony Xperia and OnePlus devices. However, you can tell a lot about your upcoming device if you compare them side by side. Although we did not find any official information about the exact number of pixels that each display will have, it looks like the S21 will be bigger than the S20. The S22 displays have an average size of around 6.3 inches and you can measure the dimensions using our handy measuring tool. According to reports, the Galaxy S21 is projected to have a 6.2″ Full HD+ LCD. That’s quite a size difference when compared to some other flagships but considering that the previous version of the Galaxy S20 had a 6.2 inch panel, and the current Galaxy S20 is already having a 6.4 inch panel, it does not mean that we can expect the S21 to have a higher resolution. In fact, it’s thought that the S20 would have a lower resolution with only half the pixels. This all leads us to believe that the latest Galaxy S21 is going to bring with it at least six full HD+ panels, including the Ultra QLED, whereas previous versions of the Galaxy S10 series didn’t have as many panels. Lastly, the S21 uses an “active refresh rate” at 90Hz which means that the screen refreshes slowly and quickly when the content being displayed moves or changes. Moreover, Samsung is reportedly planning to release a Tizen based software version, called OS Now. The update is supposed to introduce faster performance across Android versions but for now it will only be available for select regions. That makes sense considering that Microsoft has been known to introduce fixes for Windows that also applies to its own operating system. So although the rumor mill states that the S21 will feature the Infinity Display, it is still unclear which version will use due to the various versions of the Galaxy S series but most definitely the Exynos 2200. Regardless of the version, we can expect to see a smooth experience that we haven’t seen in any other flagships ever.


Software of S22

Speaking about the software, there’s no official info about its availability or availability and I don’t think we will know until we find out for real. But I would say that I think we will at least be getting the Google Assistant onboard the screen, something that hasn’t been possible by default. Since the company released the Pixel 2, Google made it easy for developers to integrate their applications with it on top of the regular phone.

. In addition, the S22 will not let apps open when we are not supposed to open that app or when we tap the lock button to hide the password and a similar thing happens with notifications. There will be options to tap the notification shade and then click on it to go on the notification shade. On the bright side, there will be a swiping gesture that enables one of the features that we saw on the S20 models. On that note, Android is now capable of launching shortcuts from anywhere through a pop up menu and that too while holding down the scrollable list.


Camera Software of S22

If you are a fan of photography, you must have heard that the S21 will feature 3x optical autofocus and 108 megapixel main sensors. One very exciting thing for selfies, the S22 features a triple dual camera setup; a 12MP ultra wide, 16MP ultra close and the third 15MP depth camera. The Galaxy S21 promises lots for selfies. Not only do we get three separate sensors, we will also get an improved Dual Pixel Sensor and an advanced AI assistant that the S20 used for selfies. With the S21, we get stereo sound in every camera along with a slew of other features that are not usually found in flagships. Alongside this, the S21 comes with the ability to capture video recording directly in the field. All S series flagships offer Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 support, which will result in smoother connectivity.


Battery Life of S22

The battery life should be good no matter how heavy you are playing titles. Especially because the battery on the S22 lasted a little longer than the S21. It would also be interesting to see how long the battery lasts on standby as well as under extreme usage. With the Galaxy S22, the battery remained constant up to 7 hours even with intense gaming sessions like Fortnite and League of Legends. The S21 is reported to last around 15 hours with moderate lighting during the day while the S21 Ultra offers over 20 hours of use after a single charge. I was able to stay awake for longer than the S21+ during the testing period but with the normal battery replacement (not extended).


Camera & Video

samsung galaxy S22 series boasts of two 13MP standard cameras while the S21 series provides us with three 12MP ultrawide sensors. We have yet to see any official pictures or videos from Korea and we have already heard rumors that a Chinese version of this phone is also coming. Apart from it being announced by insiders. At least we have seen the front camera which is a quad camera array with OIS and will keep you focused in almost any situation. Speaking about the video, there is no official word yet about the cameras. A leaked image from September shows the samsung galaxy s22 ultra having five vertical sensors while the S21 series only has one horizontal camera that doesn’t have OIS support. Hopefully you get to see some examples of what the S22 series looks like. Also, we still haven’t seen official renders of the S21 series but they are allegedly revealed by LG executives, which would explain why more leaks surfaced about it in the past weeks. The S22 series will come with a 4K video recording capability via a dedicated SDXC port and also for simultaneous recording via XACh format as well as Dolby Atmos audio. Another thing on camera that may impact the performance and durability of the phone is the presence of a secondary sensor. Like mentioned above, the S21 Series supports dual dual cameras. Unfortunately, there is no official news on whether the sensors are located in portrait or landscape orientation. Maybe the S22 series will also share the same feature as it did with the S20 series but I won’t hold my breath for the future. That’s all folks!



The rumors about the new flagships are true and the arrival of the S22 series proves that. From my personal experience, I am excited about the new flagships and they will provide a smooth experience in the way an older generation flagship series often does so we will wait till the final product launch to see the actual value the brand brings to the table for everyone.

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There are three Models in This Series:

1:>Samsung Galaxy S22

2:>Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

3:>Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra


the samsung galaxy s22 ultra is the role model of this series with ultra performance,ultra battery and ultra camera experiences,

now we have discuss about the pricess of that series


Samsung galaxy S22 Price =799$ from starting


Samsung Galaxy s22 plus price=980$ from starting


Samsung Galaxy s22 Ultra price=$ 1,199 from starting


Samsung Galaxy s22 Now in Pakistan:


Samsung Galaxy s22 price in pakistan =174,999PKR from starting


Samsung Galaxy s22 plus price in pakistan =209,000PKR from starting


Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra price in pakistan = 244,999PKR from starting


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