PlayStaion 5 (PS5) Review!

One of the most anticipated gaming consoles released in 2016 was the PlayStation 5 and has seen enormous success throughout the world with sales surpassing 100 million units. While there are plenty of options for gamers to try out when it comes to a new video game console, Sony’s PS5 is an amazing home entertainment console that is worthy of multiple rounds of reviews. Although PlayStation 5 is a massive accomplishment from Sony, I still believe that its exclusive games have more room to shine than any other next-generation gaming device. Some examples of this include the latest version of Crash Bandicoot 3D All Stars, “Bugsnax,” which became the second-highest selling title on PlayStation Network alone since launch; the upcoming action-thriller “Killzone” released last month and quickly made over 120 million copies sold worldwide as well as being awarded Best Game of 2017 by IGN; and the recently announced first-person shooter “Demon Souls 2” by Demon’s Souls creators Rareware. The latter two titles also received hundreds of millions streams through gameplay across different platforms within just six months of their release while “Killzone” continues to be popular during its current lifespan of one year at least. As such, PlayStation 5 has become a huge milestone in gaming and should undoubtedly receive a lot of praise from everyone involved.     Although we did not get to play the newly released “Demon Souls 2” until October 25, we were able to watch our heroes go up against demons and defeat them. We saw many cool ideas put into the campaign, ranging from the addition of new mechanics like mini versions of your character that you can easily control, to unique gameplay modes based off some of the characters traits. For example, players could even change how much damage they bring to your party with special abilities called “Joltblacks.” To say the least, a massive amount of creative freedom was given to developers to create the ultimate experience for fans of all ages. It has been almost impossible not to smile as a group of friends run out of ammo or stumble across an abandoned spaceship while exploring dungeons and cities that look familiar to the player. The best part? Even if you have never played a PlayStation 5 console before, there are loads of things to do on PS5, a perfect way for people to learn about the device. Not only does PS5 offer a wide variety of features such as backwards compatibility, but the company has already added extra content as well. Just think about the plethora of virtual worlds and themes available to make it a total recreation of our favorite places, whether it’s New York City’s Big Apple or London’s bustling streets. These additions only make PS5 a highly enjoyable game to play at home on a small budget but one that will forever change the experience of playing on PlayStation with the ability to keep up at the same pace as PS4 and PS3.     One aspect of PS5 that will always remain relevant is ray tracing which allows users to use shadows, reflections and glows on consoles and PC via HDMI controllers, headphones and other peripheral devices. With ray tracing, the overall performance of your PlayStation stays consistent no matter what kind of device you are using while providing a better visual and smoother motion. Ray tracing has been a common sight on PS5 console as they have improved upon various aspects of ray tracing to give users the opportunity to enjoy smooth gameplay anywhere from high-end blockbusters like Halo Infinite to low-end action titles like “Death Stranding” and a myriad of indie games.     One of the more underrated features of PS5 is haptic feedback which creates realistic vibrations for all players involved. This allows you to feel the moment of impact with enemies and it is extremely responsive and immersive. The sound of each hit can be distinctly heard in the ear which helps ensure that the experience feels natural and realistic. There are several new methods of audio input as well as microphone output that Sony says will improve the overall sound and lighting experience on PS5. Sony also has implemented active noise cancellation to help reduce any unwanted background noises and it also has adaptive triggers based on the position of the controller for both vertical and horizontal motions. Lastly, gamers also have access to built-in GPS that gives users complete control over where, when and where they should travel, and even take note of when they should exit a certain area such as a house or city. They also allow simultaneous cross-platform play which can connect PS5 to Xbox Series X/S on Sony Windows and PlayStation 4 on PlayStation 4 and PCs on PlayStation 3 respectively.     As mentioned previously, PS5 is a remarkable feat from Sony and I am excited to see how many more great titles PlayStation Studios could release on the platform. When it comes to exclusives, these titles have already surpassed expectations for us, and that is to say that I am confident in Sony’s future plans to create more exciting pieces of content for PlayStation with the hope that more awesome exclusives would follow. Of course, the sheer number of PS Plus subscribers makes this an incredible achievement but hopefully PlayStation Studios decides to expand to PlayStation 4 as well. Sony has created dozens of compelling stories and franchises to tie together with the hopes of creating a large catalog for PlayStation including movies and comics. If their plans continue to get closer to fruition, why wouldn’t Sony incorporate its technology into all of the major PlayStation properties available for sale on consoles and PC? Would that be too overwhelming for Sony to bear? Hopefully, Sony stops making unreasonable promises to itself that aren’t going to make the PlayStation brand so successful in terms of user base and fan count. And then again, maybe they could actually make their dream come true and have Sony become the leader of console gaming instead of simply competing with Nintendo and Microsoft? Could Sony succeed in becoming the top gaming console manufacturer?
  To conclude, the main concern in my mind for Sony is whether or not they have decided that expanding beyond PS5 is worth investing money into. How they decide to proceed with their own ambitions lies entirely upon Sony’s judgment as the rest of us gamers simply don’t have access to information regarding what will happen with Sony beyond having our hands on the product. On the flip side though, they have the backing of Sony Financial Services who have backed Sony products for decades and are eager to invest into a project known as Project Morpher which could potentially lead to Sony becoming the top mobile phone manufacturing firm in the globe. In the end, Sony may not need to spend money on a franchise project with a significant amount of resources. But if gaming continues to grow globally, they definitely might want to consider it as an investment, since Sony currently stands at number three in the market ranking while their smartphone competitor, HTC, sits at number 1 and four. Keeping those numbers under check would be a tough ask for Disney and Fox that are pushing forward at such a speed. Also, it is very hard on Sony to predict exactly how much revenue, profit, and user base that Sony Electronics will yield despite seeing Sony grow by such an enormous margin over the past decade. What matters though is trying to figure out how it can improve on their performance while keeping their costs down so that profits would remain steady. That would be almost impossible because Sony has an incredible financial advantage in comparison to its competitors. Their cost of production is astronomical but they utilize cutting-edge technologies and their customer base is significantly larger even though it is smaller compared to others in the industry. Thank You.

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